As we jump into the New Year with both personal and professional goals in the forefront of our minds, remember that companies should have resolutions, too! It’s time to set yourself apart from the competition with these strategic moves:

Take The Road Less Traveled

Is your competition using direct mail and a print newsletter? Take an alternate route and reach out  to our target audience with targeted social media, and a “user and share-friendly” e-newsletter. Stand out from the crowd and always entertain the use of other channels rather than JUST doing what everyone else does.  

Get Focused

Every meeting with a prospect needs to focus on “why the customer contacted YOU”, and not “what YOU have to offer the customer.” Very rarely does a customer need everything that your business has to offer them. When you find that “one need” and direct them to the “one solution” – you will be well on your way to gaining a customer for life.

Communication is Key 

Communication is more about listening than speaking. What you hear a customer say is your window of opportunity to providing them with the perfect solution. This is important to remember before you meet with a customer. In every channel of communication, invite the customer to talk to you by providing them with clear contact information displayed prominently on your website, your  signature line, your telephone hold message, and all social media pages.

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