Many business owners find themselves at a loss when navigating the twists and turns of search engine optimization. In the past you could attract a customer with expert search engine optimization with your website. The playing field began to change when social media channels began to emerge as the search tool for your customer. It has become clear that even Google realized this social shift when they launched Google Places.

What does this mean to you? This means that you must be a conversationalist and go where your customers are – the social media channels like these:

Facebook – Stop talking about yourself, and let them talk.

In addition to posting industry news, seek out opportunities to engage your fans on Facebook with posts that allow them to talk about themselves. Ask open-ended questions that will lead to a conversation.

Twitter – The best form of flattery is a retweet!

Twitter should be used sparingly and with the goal of sharing news the customer can use and will want to share with retweets. Tweet links should direct them to original content (blog, photos, etc) on your website.

LinkedIn – Position your company name and gain respect.

LinkedIn is the best place for a business to position themselves as experts in their industry. This social network allows you to join group discussions and network with other businesses in a professional manner.

While on-page website SEO is still extremely valuable, engaging your customer in a more interactive manner through social channels is a Google-approved approach to not only boosting your search rankings, but more importantly, boosting your reputation in the eyes of your customers. Contact R2R Marketing to learn more!