Did you know that according to a recent poll taken by the American Association of Retired People (AARP), nearly 80 percent of Americans hope to stay in their current home as long, and as comfortably, as possible. This hope can become reality with a little bit of extra-planning and a home builder or a home remodeler that specializes in this design specialty.

This building trend is often referred to as “Aging In Place”. This approach is to provide a carefully planned design that will allow the homeowner, regardless of age or ability level, to live in the home safely, independently and comfortably.

Here are some examples of design features that support this objective:

  • One-story living. No-step entry into home and interior rooms.
  • Wide doorways and hallways.
  • Countertops at varying heights to accommodate use while standing or sitting.
  • Extra floor space.
  • Floors and bathtubs with non-slip surfaces.
  • Shower and tub walls built ready for installation of handrails.
  • Thresholds designed flush with the floor.
  • Electrical outlets that are accessible without bending down.
  • Windows that can be opened with little effort.
  • Easy to operate levers on doors and rocker light switches.

In addition to functionality, these elements offer beauty and comfort that support a healthy living experience for people of all ages and abilities. They also ensure a safe living space if you or a family member experiences a temporary or long-term disability. A home that is safer and easier to live in provides both short and long-term benefits to your family. Now that’s a smart choice!