Social Media has become a necessity for marketing your presence in the business world. Now that most small businesses have realized that they need to be found on Social Media, the confusion and questions begin. Here are two of the most common questions that we hear:

  • What is the difference between a business page and a personal profile on Facebook?
  • Wouldn’t it be easier to use my personal profile that already has a built-in following?

These are great questions! Here is some expert advice to answer and some helpful information for you to know:

A personal profile page is designed for individuals. This page allows you to engage and connect with family, friends, and coworkers as you choose. Because of the privacy setting built in to Facebook, you can add as much personal information as you wish.

Facebook pages (formerly referred to as “fan” pages) are meant for businesses, public figures and brands. They include much greater functionality for marketing and connecting with fans. These types of pages are public, meaning anyone can see the page, including Google.

  • Your Facebook Fan Page can be a part of your Search Engine Optimization strategy because Fan pages are indexed by search engines. Profiles are not.
  • Fan Pages can have an unlimited number of fans. Profiles can only have 5,000 friends.
  • Insights – Facebook offers measuring tools to gauge your success or failure in Facebook.
  • Professional looking Facebook pages – You can customize your cover photo, app pictures and Profile pictures to get that professional look that every business needs.
  • Greater access to FB advertising – you can create ads that target people you want to reach on a very small budget.
  • Your followers can recommend you and the work that you have done for them. Word of mouth marketing is much easier to utilize.

There is often a great deal of confusion among new Facebook users about the difference between Facebook profiles, pages and groups. The most important point to keep in mind is that profiles are meant to be for individuals only, not businesses. Creating a profile for a business is against Facebook’s terms of use, and it can be deleted at any time.

At R2R Marketing, we are here to help business owners understand why these channels of marketing are necessary and how they can benefit from using them effectively.