One challenge that we hear from our clients is, “We lost the job because we got beat out on price!” Now is the time to get back to the basics and get your sales numbers back on track. Here are some tips that can help you do this:

  1. Ask THE Question.
    How important is price to making the decision to hire our company? By asking this question, it opens up the chance for you to share the fact that your price may not be the lowest or the highest in the field of competitive bids. For the customer that is solely looking at price, this information allows your salesman to educate them as to the value that you bring to the investment. This also prepares the customer for “sticker shock” when the price is presented.
  2. Don’t Apologize.
    TWhen the customers asks about the price, don’t apologize for your price. This is the time to speak confidently. A customer will respect this confidence. By educating them as to why your services are worth the investment, the customer will respond favorably.
  3. Encourage Questions.
    Make it easy for the customer to ask about price. Let them ask questions. In fact, it’s smart to give them a FAQ sheet that helps them “know” the questions to ask you andyour competitor. This willingness to provide them a guide to understanding what they need to know in making this decision positions you as the trusted expert.
  4. Speak To Your Specialty.
    Every business has a specialty service or product. It may be something that they are known for in the community. By finding your specialty, this provides the perfect opportunity for connecting directly with an interested customer. Familiarize yourself with the needs of your customer, and prepare a sales strategy that supports the price point and positions you as the pro in their corner.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that your price must reflect the excellence and integrity of the investment that your customer deserves. An honest and educational sales strategy is the best step to winning customer loyalty and gaining those valuable  referrals. It’s all in how you represent yourself and treat your customer.  With a focused approach and sticking to the basics, you can build the confidence of your team and get your sales numbers back on track.