The use of an eNewsletter for marketing has become a necessary communication for maintaining top-of-mind awareness with customers. For many owners this is a cost-effective method, with high visibility to their target demographic, and is also a valuable communication tool with their existing customer database.

With the popularity of email marketing, it is important for a business to manage their eNewsletter with respect for the reader, and a strategic plan. Every issue must contain a combination of reader-friendly content, and carefully placed marketing elements that direct the customer to respond with ease.

Every eNewsletter must provide a reason to open, respond and share with a friend. This objective requires a clear strategy. To help you understand, take a look at the three “C’s” for a successful strategy in developing and managing an eNewsletter:

Consistency. This is the number one key to a success. A smart plan of action is to schedule the delivery on the same day of the week, the same time, and the same week period of each month. Commitment to this schedule is vital – and don’t be tempted to skip a month or release randomly. A schedule subconsciously creates an expectation with your customer, and it builds integrity for your business.

Content. A poorly written article is an instant negative and one of the most common reasons a person hits unsubscribe.  Professional copy writing is key to the success – whether a one page or multi-page issue. Consider the content to be you opportunity to give back to your customer with some interesting insight AND where you can position yourself as the expert in the industry with out a sales pitch!  Your customer has limited time to read your email, so make it worth it, and they will respect you.

Call to Action. Every eNewsletter must have a reason for the reader to respond – this is your call-to-action. A common call-to-action is the announcement of a new product or an incentive for the reader. This can be easily communicated through your copy, your images, and even with text links or buttons that allow your reader an effortless transition to your website or social media.

When you focus on the three “C’s” for a successful eNewsletter, you can be sure your message matters, your reader responds, and you can enjoy the results! If you’d like to know more about the strategy and power of the eNewsletter, call the R2R Marketing team at 866-506-7272 today!