Social Media is nothing to be afraid of or to ignore.It is simply a communications channel that includes media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. With a carefully planned and professional integration of social media channels into your strategic marketing plan you can reach all of your current customers AND prospects in a very cost effective manner.

Social media has gone mainstream for every industry and has evolved from a “nice to have” business marketing tactic, to a real necessity! Managed effectively, social media sites are a great way to make a connection through conversation, building customer loyalty and active leads in the process.

Marketing your business with social media allows you to share your expertise, your business philosophy, and your “personality” with an existing customer and their friends. This transparency will increase the chances for a customer to walk in or place a phone call to your business to learn more.

Don’t be afraid of social media. Embrace it. Look at this opportunity as a new way of building a relationship with the customer and creating a trust factor for future services and referrals. Tie other communication channels like a newsletter or website content to your efforts, and find out through feedback which messages stick. Focus on building loyalty with your existing customers and a positive awareness factor with their peers.

In business it is wise to invest in a partnership with a social media marketing specialist to help you manage this fast-moving industry. A specialist can schedule your status updates and stay current on the trends.  They can provide an air of communication that is instant and personal.  This leaves you time to concentrate on your day-to-day business duties and add items when you can.

Social media marketing is not complicated, but it’s important you put the same effort into social media as you do every other marketing tactic or risk appearing stale or unconnected to your audience. The exciting news is that this marketing tool can be used in a profitable way for you and your customers.

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