One thing that we hear all the time from prospects looking for our help, “Our sales people keep losing the job because we get beat out on price!”   Price will always be a determining factor.  We have some tips to help you overcome this challenge and get your sales numbers back on track:

Ask about price right up front.  Ask your customer about how important price will be in their buying decision. This not only eases tension in the conversation, but also allows you a reason to educate them as to “why” your pricing structure may be a bit higher than the competition, and to capitalize on the value that you bring to the customer. This also protects you from any “sticker shock” when the estimate is presented.

Don’t Apologize.   A man once said, “Don’t ask the question if you’re not prepared to hear the answer.” When you ask your customer about the importance of price, be ready with a confident response and never apologize for the number that you’re about to share with them.  A customer will respond positively to this confidence and your honesty in providing reasons as to why your product or services are worth the investment.

Encourage Questions.  Make it comfortable for the customer to ask about price. If you find that price is a constant challenge in your industry, create some visual handouts like a FAQ sheet that helps them “know” the questions to ask you and your competitor. This helps to guide them in understanding the important things they need to know in making this decision. This also positions you as the trusted expert.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that your price must reflect the excellence and integrity of the investment that your customer deserves. Familiarize yourself with the needs of your customer, and prepare a sales strategy that supports the price point and positions you as the pro in their corner.

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