In other words, if you took your company name off of your marketing materials, including your website, social media accounts, and any email correspondence, would your existing customers still be able to recognize you? Is the company consistent in look and feel at every touch point with the customer, or is it inconsistent and vague in message?

If you want to generate consistent growth, increased visibility, and customer retention, you have to take a look at your business image – it’s personality! This is both visual and verbal, and must be deliberately developed with great thought to convey the right message to the customer for the long term. This is called branding, and is often overlooked part of a company’s marketing strategy.

With digital marketing gaining even more ground in business advertising and communications, these need for a strong brand presence is vital especially in the following areas:

business website must emulate in both word and imagery what a customer will experience when doing business with the company. Consistency in color, logo and content is vital to this number one touch point for most customers.

A social media and blog presence must be consistent and relevant for your audience. All social channels are valuable resources to showcase and grow your brand. A consistent and informative blog that is written with your customer’s needs in mind is the key to attracting the ideal prospect that in search of your expertise.

All electronic communications must be branded in a consistent and professional manner. This applies to the email signatures for company personnel, eNewsletters, and company billing materials.

This attention to detail and consistency can pay off quickly as you build trust and recognition with your customers. If this all seems overwhelming, call the team at R2R Marketing.  Call us at 757-482-3492 today!