When searching for help in building or updating your website, you will come across individuals with the title web designer or web developer. Many people use these terms interchangeably. The complication in blurring the lines between these two very separate job roles is that the art of designing a website and developing a website’s functionality are two very different things.

Here’s a break down to help you better understand the difference and make a better decision when hiring a professional:

THE WEB DESIGNER is focused on how a website looks and how the customer will interact with the site. Much of a designer’s job is creative and uses both intuition and imagination to create a site that supports web interface requirements that will ultimately be married to coding to bring it to life. This professional has an eye for the voice/brand of the client, the skill to create an attractive website, and last but not least, the ability to create a design layout in the right way for a website developer to take it to the next level.

THE WEB DEVELOPER builds the backbone of a website, typically from the ground up, and is an expert in the web languages required to build a site from the design layout. While the designer delivers the layout for easy navigation through good design, the developer gives the site life through programming and code that creates the on-line interaction. This process is technical, detailed, and has to be maintained for the life of the website. The attention to detail and achieving the end goal of the client’s specific needs is key to the role of a web developer.

At the end of the day, both web designers and web developers are working toward a singular goal – to deliver a website that entices and attracts the right customers for the client.

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