Social Media is an amazing marketing tool that includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and an ever-growing number of options. By integrating social media into your strategic marketing plan, you are able to start a conversation and build a relationship with your current customers AND their friends in a very sincere, natural, and cost-effective manner.

Social media has evolved from a “nice to have” business marketing tool to a must-have! Let’s face it, your customers – young and old – are on social media and so you need to be there too! Marketing your business through social channels allows you to share your expertise, your business philosophy, and your “personality” with an existing customer and their friends. This expertise and transparency will encourage a customer to visit or call your business to learn more.

Don’t be afraid of social media. Embrace it. Look at this opportunity as a new way of building a relationship with the customer and creating a trust factor for future services and referrals. Tie other communication channels such as a newsletter or website content to your efforts, and find out through feedback and analytics which messages are converting into customers. Focus on building loyalty with your existing customers and encouraging them to share with their peers.

Consider hiring a social media marketing specialist to help you manage this fast-moving industry. A specialist can schedule your status updates and stay current on the trends, leaving you free to concentrate on your day-to-day business duties. They can provide an air of communication that is instant and personal. Managed effectively and strategically for business purposes, social media is a powerful way to make a connection through conversation, building customer loyalty and active leads in the process.

Social media marketing is not complicated, but it’s important for your social media channels to be consistent and relevant to who you are, what you offer, and most importantly reflect your brand in image and voice. With a great strategy and a consistent approach to managing the “right” channels for your business, social media can be profitable for you and your customers.

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