Business owners need to develop a marketing strategy that will consistently reach and expand their markets beyond the scope of traditional means. To be “heard” in the marketplace, you must optimize the tools of communication that “speak to” your target audience. Competition in every industry can be tough, but if you ask yourself the following questions, you will find yourself in the lead.
  • If your website was a person, would you hire them to greet customers? Any business – large or small – should continually evaluate and update their website. Make sure that it is not only operating as it should, but is approachable, informative, solutions-oriented, and provides a pleasant customer experience for every visitor. Hire a professional or a third party to assess your website, listen to their feedback and make the necessary changes. By allowing a person that is not investment in the venture or internal knowledge of the industry, the feedback will be priceless.  Treat your website with respect and expect great returns from this number one marketing resource.
  • Is your marketing message consistent and constant? Digital marketing is one of the most cost-efficient ways to get your message out to the masses. However, the strategy must be built on constantly communicating “why” a customer should choose you, and what makes it worth their time when facing your competition. If your message is consistent across all marketing channels AND matches the service that is provided – the customer is more likely to want to learn more, as well as develop a long-term relationship as a satisfied customer.
  • Can your customer find you? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important to being found in today’s world – especially with the increasing use of mobile devices by consumers. Optimizing your website is a constant task. The process requires consistent attention that can provide you with visibility, happy customers and usually is one that is best done by a Search Engine Specialist.
  • Does your customer have a reason to tell others about you? The answer should be yes! It’s time to use your website and social media to share the news of what your organization adds to the community as well as reviews of how great you are!
  • How is your follow up? Timely follow up is crucial to the overall marketing strategy for any business. Digital communication – email – is often the “go to” method for business owners and sales people, however, a phone call or handwritten note can provide the touch of class that every customer will remember.
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