There’s no denying it: Social media is getting more “visual” every single day. Most every brand can get results from integrating photos into their online marketing strategy, but only if it is done well. Is your business ready to jump on the visual content marketing train?
Check out these 5 Do’s and Don’ts:
DO build a presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and industry-specific options like HOUZZ. It’s all about strategically and subtly getting in front of the customer and becoming a part of their daily life on social media.
DON’T post photos that have no focal element. Pay attention to the overall quality of the photo you post. The focal point might be beautiful, but is that a time stamp in the corner or an overflowing trash can in the background?
DO post photos with great lighting, vibrant colors and an attractive focal point. Even if the photo you’re posting is good rather than great, there are plenty of free photo editing apps that allow you to easily color correct and otherwise clean up pictures.
DON’T neglect the cover photo on your social media profiles. It’s the first thing potential customers see when they visit your page. Sites like Facebook and Twitter offer businesses space for a cover photo: a large photo at the top of your business profile. Make sure your images are sized proportionally, relevant and visually appealing.
DO post photos that people will want to share. To get results from your business channels, it’s important to post images and content that are interesting, resonate with the customer and most importantly – motivate them to share with friends.
DON’T post photos just to be posting.¬†Too many photos can become annoying to the viewer and result in them unfollowing you and sets a bad tone with their patronage. If the photo doesn’t interest you – has no purpose…don’t post it!