What a customer says about you and your services has a direct impact on your success or failure. A customer’s testimonial packs more of a punch than any self promotion or sales pitch.

Why do testimonials work? Testimonials create believability, credibility, and a sense of security for your customer. These stories help to break down the natural barriers and distrust that a first-time buyer may feel towards your industry.

Customer testimonials are considered the best form of “word of mouth” marketing. Here are some suggestions for how you and your team can gather these from your customers:

Timing is Everything
If the performance of the team and the outcome of the project was stellar, and the customer is pleased – now is the time to ask! Don’t wait until later.

Be Specific
When you ask, be sure to ask for the testimonial that you want. For example, if on- time service is a plus with your team – ask the customer if you met this criteria and ask them to respond with a testimonial stating this quality. It’s as easy as saying, “I’d really appreciate it you mentioned how my service team was on time and how we worked within your schedule.” Apply this same phrasing to budget, communication, and cleanliness. This not only helps portray your strengths, but also gives them a framework in which to write something that speaks to potential customers.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
It’s one thing to read their words, but most people are visual and love to see happy customers! If a yard sign is one way in which you market your job presence, ask the customer to stand beside it with a big smile and take their picture! Or better yet, have them record a video testimonial!

Be Sure to Ask Permission
You must have a customer’s permission to publish a testimonial. It’s easy to place this “ask” within the initial service agreement document that the customer signs on day one. They may say no, however, this allows you to plan accordingly.

It is important that a testimonial whether used on social media, in print ads, or a company website is provided by a real customer and not altered by your staff. Always remember, your customer will love that you want to know their thoughts on the job that you have done. If you don’t ask, you may miss great feedback.