The Digital Age Is Here To Stay

Whether you’re starting a new business and navigating the digital marketing landscape for the first time, or hoping to grow your brand in a few online channels (more of which seem to be emerging every day), you must have strong website content and social media presence in order to be “findable” and credible to your customers and prospects.

How many of you get a large share of revenue from repeat business and referrals? We’re hearing 50, 60, even 70 percent. How many of you want your previous customers to hire your competition, simply because saw their name online instead of yours? What about prospects? How many of your prospects aren’t even prospects because they searched online to find what you offer, but found your competitor’s website instead?

As you make the commitment to fully embrace the opportunities that are available to you in the digital world, here are few key tips to think about:

Positioning. Why does your business exist? Who are you talking to? What is your promise or branding message to customers? Know what you want to say and make sure to communicate it in a consistent and clear voice throughout all of your marketing efforts.

Channels. Think before you choose an online channel. Is this necessary or am I following the crowd. Research the social channels and choose those that will enhance your product, services and especially your message to YOUR ideal customer. If you are new to this, consult a professional and ask before you make a move.

Audience. One of the greatest challenges in this virtual world of communications is to KNOW who your audience is AND maintain a clear message that is relevant to their needs in all channels. This means the content on your website needs to speak to current, past and prospective customers. Make sure that you are giving them a reason to stay in touch.

Content. Share Content People Find Valuable. If they like it, they remember your business, they’ll pass it on, they’ll build your network of contacts in the process. Steer away from promotional or technical content and think about what your customers want.

If you are looking for help with your digital marketing, call R2R Marketing and let us partner with you in creating a strategic marketing plan for your business success. With the right strategy and a great partnership, we can help you achieve your goals today!