Okay…the “carrot and stick” motivation technique may have worked splendidly with donkeys out in the field, however, when it’s time to get things done in your workplace, you need more than a carrot and a stick! Keeping employees motivated, especially during tough times is an important part of your business’ success.

Here are three tips to motivate that don’t require a stick or a carrot:


There is no better motivation tool than a simple acknowledgement of a person’s hard work and letting them know that you appreciate them. If people feel that their efforts are appreciated, they will feel compelled to continue working hard. So, whether it’s noting their contributions in a meeting, recognizing them in a staff email, or just thanking them privately, the fact that you took the time to do this will motivate them over the long term.


It’s human nature to want to be recognized and to feel like an important part of a team. If you have an employee that consistently goes above and beyond in his day-to-day work, this is the perfect opportunity to reward their hard work with a more challenging learning opportunity. Psychologically an employee will feel trusted and respected for their contribution to the company’s success. This not only motivates them to grow, but also gives you the chance to let go!


Trust is a foundational component to any relationship and one that is essential to motivate your employees. When someone feels that they aren’t trusted to do the job they are getting paid to do, it squelches any motivation that they might have had. Do your best to let your employee do their job without micromanaging. Let them learn from any mistakes they might make, and trust that the motivation to learn more and do more will grow!

This common sense approach will not only motivate but will keep your team healthy and happy as they help take your business to the next level of success.