Learn how to capture the power of the telephone as a sales tool. Businesses need to evaluate and develop their inbound telephone process much like their merchandise and signage. Second only to your website, the telephone is a critical point of contact for a motivated customer to turn to when they want to know more.

Have you ever called a company, and the person answering the phone sounded disinterested or preoccupied? What instant opinion did you form about that company? The telephone is a critical point of contact for a motivated customer to turn to when they want to know more. All employees need to understand that every time the phone rings, the call has a dollar amount attached to it. If you train your employees to start looking at your phone as a sales building tool, you will set the stage for retaining customers, gaining new customers and ultimately getting more dollars in the door.

Here are four simple steps to guide every employee to success on the telephone:

The Warm Up

Before you answer the phone, you must stop what you are doing, take a breath, and put a smile on your face. These simple steps allow you to focus on the caller, adjust your attitude. If you need a reminder – a helpful tip to consider is: Place a note by your phone that says “This call is bringing me a remarkable opportunity” and you will be on your way to using the telephone as a positive sales tool.

Stop What You Are Doing

Every employee – no matter their role – must be trained to treat an incoming phone call with respect and sincerity. The first step for all must be to set everything aside when you answer the phone. By multitasking, you are not focused on the customer’s wants and needs. Train your team to approach every phone call with this question in mind – “How could I best be of service to this person today?” This attitude and consistent approach can have far reaching and positive effects.

Take Notes & Focus

It is important to consider the customer’s needs ahead of your own. If you don’t listen, it’s a good chance you’ll miss the point. Visualize the person, even if you don’t know them, to remind yourself that you are engaged in a two-way conversation. Be sure to let them talk by asking questions and listening carefully to the reason why they called. If you find yourself easily distracted, set a notepad near the phone and focus on taking notes on what they are saying. By taking notes you will have a guide to repeat why they called with them as well as the important points of the conversation and the action items that need attention.

Show Gratitude

Remember that the first 30 seconds and the last 30 seconds of a phone call determines a caller’s opinion about your organization. The final step for your staff to remember is to ensure that the caller’s needs were met, ask if they have any additional questions and then most importantly, thank them for their call. This final step is essential to being of service to them.

By implementing these four simple steps, you will build long-term customer relationships, boost your reputation, bring in referrals and raise your revenue every time the phone rings!

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