Are you struggling to come up with new sales ideas to get the phone ringing??

The answer is simple: take cues from the leaders in your industry. It is incredibly helpful to be on the lookout for all of those things that a successful company is doing right.

This quote from George Bernard Shaw captures the value of repurposing another person’s idea in a healthy light. Always be on the lookout for good ideas in the marketplace, even if it’s not a competing industry, there are so many opportunities to learn from the brilliant moves and ideas of others.

There is no harm in leveraging what you learn, and adding your own branded twist in the process! For example, if you see a business owner add new products or service offerings, consider what changes you can make that will benefit your customers as well as your profit margin. Perhaps you see that your competitor is actively engaging with their customers on social media, take a few notes as to how you can interact in the social media world to pique the interest of your current customers as well as reaching potential customers.

There is no reason for you to feel bad for drawing on great ideas of other companies. and re-purposing those ideas in a way that makes your business shine. The company you are emulating probably got their great idea from someone else too. And after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.