The initial meeting with a customer, whether in the home, store, or on the phone, is crucial to the success of every sale. There are simple tips that every salesperson must remember to make this step in the sales process as positive as it can be. Take a look at these “must do’s” for every salesperson to remember on every call:

Say your customer’s name.

People love to hear the sound of their own name and are easily offended by the use of the wrong name. Make it a point to practice using their name during your role playing sessions. This makes it sound natural and builds a rapport quickly

Let the customer talk. 

Before you launch into your sales presentation, ask your customer to tell you what they are looking for from your services. This approach will show the customer that you respect their time and their interests, and will allow you to deliver your presentation more effectively for the customer.

Ask the customer about their cost expectations and budget.

By determining the customer’s perspective of what the job will cost and how much they have set aside to spend early in the conversation, this can save time and money for both of you.

Don’t depend on your tablet or visual aids. 

Always ask yourself whether a visual aid is for you or for them? If the visual aid is for your security, lose it. If it’s for them and allows them to visually understand your presentation, keep it.

Have a plan for next steps. 

Always have a plan in mind as to what you want the customer to do at the end of the presentation. Whether you close the sale or walk away, the goal should be to have a “next step” in place to make sure you continue to move forward with this customer.