The Secret To Successful SEO Strategy

Every business owner wants to number one when people search for what they have to offer on the internet. This is a healthy goal, however, in reality this doesn’t happen naturally overnight. This achievement takes patience and a carefully planned out strategic plan on the part of the business owner.

Here are four “tried and true” rules to follow for a healthy and successful SEO plan:


When creating your site, remember who will be using it BEFORE you build it out. Think about the user and what they are looking to learn. Forget about your competition, paid campaigns and search engines. If your customer comes first, the search engines will follow.

Forget The SALES TALK.

Create content that educates and informs your “ideal” customer. Ease of navigation is key, as well as showing your visitor who “you” are as a person and a company. Rather than selling on every page, make sure that you give your visitor something to take away – links to articles, downloadable pdf’s with support information, images to view and share with a friend. The options are numerous, and you gain a loyal visitor when they see you as expert in the industry.


Every workday is filled will planned activities but is often interrupted with those “things that just come up.” You must conserve energy for those things that often create a detour in your day. If you don’t get some rest, these detours often trigger a stress button, or distract us from other tasks that cause us to teeter on empty at the end of the day.

Don’t Fall For The EASY WAY.

Don’t take the shortcut and buy into the shady tactics that exist out there. These often include spam, buying links and likes, creating fake profiles, and “quick-fix” tricks that will ultimately get your site removed from the Google index.

These four simple rules have been the foundation for success in SEO for over a decade. This does mean that the business owner has to work harder, but in the long run it does pay off as your rankings increase and your names gains visibility.