There comes a time in every salesperson’s career when he or she must step back and ask, “Is my sales approach still effective?” The answer to this question is rarely black or white. It’s in that gray area that a person can focus and begin to adjust, if necessary, and improve upon their skills.

Maybe your sales numbers have hit a plateau or you just feel “stuck in a rut” and unmotivated to challenge yourself any more. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you can rejuvenate your future in sales simply by learning to R.E.A.D. Here’s how it works:

Reevaluate Your Process

This is about drilling down on what’s working and what’s not. If you are following a multi-point sales process from contact to close that has worked in the past but is now falling flat, you need to reevaluate. Walk through some of your successful appointments- step by step – and determine what you did in your process that made them exceptional.
Once you have some insight, write it down—good and bad. Now it’s time to brainstorm ways to magnify the good and minimize the bad. Talk to a mentor who can provide you an outside perspective and offer recommendations. Make an effort to merge the old habits that work very well with new habits that will help the sales experience – for both you and the customer.
Establish The Changes You Need To Make
Once you’ve decided what needs to be adjusted, test your new approach bit by bit in a number of diverse sales situations. Much like A/B testing, you can make adjustments one by one and then determine if they make a difference. How can you tell? Look for clues like effective closes, warmer feedback from your customers and perhaps a better outcome on your behalf.
Adapt To The New Process
Remember that developing a new way of doing things is done through repetition. If your sales approach hasn’t been adjusted in a while, it will most likely take a few appointments to practice and refine the new approach AND feel natural while doing it.
Deliver Better Results
This is the most gratifying step of learning to R.E.A.D.! If you have done your homework, made the changes that were needed, and embraced those things that work – you are sure to benefit with more “wins” and fewer “losses!”

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