With the real-time advances in technology at our beck and call 24/7, knowing what time it is is not the issue – the challenge is managing. The distractions that present themselves and compete for our attention throughout the day, can affect productivity, profit and peace of mind.

The keys to successfully using your blog post as a marketing tool can be found in content, consistency, and commitment. Here are five simple rules that outline the most important elements of a successful blog post:

Update Content and Post Consistently

Prepare your customer to expect information from you by updating your blog entries on a weekly basis (at a minimum). Entice them to want to know more by including expert tips and information on new products and services that you offer. This expert use of blog content is a proven, simple strategy for new lead generation success.

Create an Appealing Headline

A blog headline must capture a person’s interest within milliseconds with one line. Put thought into this and your click-through rate will increase.

Use Bullet Points & Text Highlighting

This approach will help draw the reader to your content, grabbing and keeping their attention. It can be helpful to include content that addresses frequently asked questions or comments from your customers.

Showcase the Successes of YOUR Customers

A “real-life” shout out helps to create an immediate bond with potential customers as well as existing customers. In this day and age, people like to hear of real customer experiences and the customer that is highlighted will be sure to share the news – thus sending referrals your way!

Share Information about Your Products & Services

This is the perfect spot to highlight the customer’s need for your services and you can include links to support material within your website.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, incorporate these tips into your writing routine for more successful blog posts that get results.

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