Business owners may see a low number of leads coming from their website and think, “I have to drive more traffic to my site!” But often the issue isn’t a lack of traffic, it’s a lack of engaging and user-friendly website design. Even with increased visits through a successful inbound marketing campaign, these visitors won’t stay long if your site lacks the modern design principles that your customers are used to.

Making it easy for visitors to convert into leads is a fundamental aspect of a well-designed company website. But, conversion is more than asking visitors to fill out a form or simply displaying a product. A great website thoughtfully encourages engagement at all times, so that when the moment comes, your audience won’t think twice about inquiring further or making the purchase.

Up your conversion rate with a few of R2R’s favorite website tips:

Create a User-Friendly Site

Make sure your website design encourages visitors to stay a while. Verify through testing that your target audience clearly understands the navigation bar and organize products in the way they buy.

Your visitors make a decision about a site’s usability in less than a second, so grab their attention with a well-planned and easy to use website.

Make Sure It’s Fast and Responsive

A slow site is a not only irritating but is definitely a non-converting site. Visitors will not wait long for images and pages to load, navigating away without hesitation. So, it’s important to remove any extra lag. Test every page on your site for load times and adjust as needed.

You may be working in an office on your desktop, but many people use their phones or tablets as their primary browsing tool. That’s why responsive website design is now standard. In the development stage, ensure responsiveness by designing for both mobile and desktop view – at least.

Provide Valuable and Useful Content 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – content is king! It’s important from both a sales and branding perspective to do more than regurgitate unoriginal copy and stock photos onto your site.

Your company’s tone is set by the content and images you choose. So, ensure your media and copy speak to your visitors and elicit an emotional or buying reaction. You can do so by taking your own high-quality photos and highlighting valuable and informative content.

Use Color Correctly 

Did you know that it only takes 90 seconds for a customer to form an opinion about a product? 62–90 percent of that assessment is based on colors alone. What colors are you using on your website? Did you know that yellow in large doses causes anxiety?

Highlight Calls to Action and Use Buttons

Provide visitors an easy way to engage, learn more or purchase through appropriate calls to action and convenient, clickable, buttons to do so. Make these buttons visible, action-oriented and placed near key spots in your content as opposed to simply at the top and bottom of your page.