Do you ever find yourself complaining about a too-stuffed inbox?

Well, it’s important to remember that your clients are just as burnt out on emails as you are!

Educated email users are becoming more discreet about subscribing and liberal about unsubscribing. Current and potential subscribers are only interested in information that truly enriches their lives – messages worth opening, reading and sometimes even clicking. So, the content that makes up your newsletters and email blasts is more important than ever.

As content specialists, the R2R Marketing newsletter team has years of experience in identifying exactly what an audience wants to see in their inbox – and what they don’t. So, learn from us!

They Aren’t Mobile Responsive

We could rattle off plenty of statistics about how most people check their email on a mobile device. But instead, let’s be brutally honest: It’s 2020. If your emails aren’t rendering beautifully on mobile – as in, they aren’t responsive to multiple screen sizes – you may as well not send them. With so many people glued to their mobile devices, any email that requires pinching and zooming will be sent to trash.

You’re Not Providing Value

The whole point of email is that you have something so interesting or relevant to share with your customers and prospects, that you want them to see it. Each and every message should include something valuable – whether it’s a special offer, a head’s up about a great piece of content, breaking company news or something else that makes your audience trust that their attention won’t be wasted.

It’s Too Wordy

In the world of content marketing, we often stress quality over quality. It isn’t because we’re trying to do less work — if anything writing short is more difficult. The average attention span is about eight seconds and that of a busy professional is even shorter. If your subscriber opens your message to see several lengthy paragraphs with no headlines or graphics, they may skip the good stuff, set it aside for later, or even send it to the trash icon.

As one of the best tools for getting in front of customers, email is a critical part of your marketing strategy. You just have to do it right!

Despite general frustration about inboxes, there are still email newsletters and e-blasts we all open with anticipation, because we know the content will be valuable. Get your company’s emails to that welcoming inbox by taking time to ensure your campaigns are interesting, mobile-friendly and easy-to-read!