“Seeking Solutions” is one of R2R’s core values. It’s at the heart of what we do.

Instead of asking your clients “What would you like me to do?” make sure you’re asking, “What would you like to accomplish?” They may need your help understanding their options, and if they’ve come to you, it’s because they value your expertise. You can show your appreciation by following the steps below.

Listen. The more you know, the better you can help. What are the client’s pain points? Why are they contacting you? What’s the goal?

Assess. Using your subject matter knowledge, think through possible strategies to reach the desired outcome. If needed, talk to your team and/or do some research.

Communicate. Clearly communicate your client’s options for reaching the desired outcome, and give your recommendation on which one to choose and why. This takes pressure off your customer to make the best decision and increases their confidence and trust in working with you.

Sometimes the solution is that someone else – besides you or your firm – is better equipped to do the work, and that’s okay. Be part of the solution by making a recommendation.

Deliver. Take ownership of the project and remain focused on the goal through your delivery. Your work isn’t to complete agreed upon tasks; it’s to provide a solution, and that may mean changing course if the initial plan isn’t working. Continue listening, assessing, and communicating to keep everyone informed and focused.

We hope you’re able to use these tips to celebrate another one of R2R’s core values: Delighting Others.