Besides being fundamental for marketing, communication with the customer is beneficial for all parts of your company. Communicating with your client will help you identify improvement areas and continually optimize your strategy. Here are four tips that will help you communicate more effectively with your clients:

Focus on the Person
Give the client your undivided attention while talking—even if you’re just typing an email. People can tell when you are distracted.

Ask Questions
Before you talk, ask a few questions to clarify what the client is looking for. This is an efficient use of time and it helps you to respond in an effective way.

Take Notes
It’s always a good idea to take notes. It shows you’re interested and it helps you remember what was discussed—thus saving everyone time in the end.

Close with Next Steps
ALWAYS communicate expectations and next steps.

No one is a perfect communicator. When in doubt, remember to focus on showing integrity and respect (for the other person’s time, money, happiness, etc.) in your interactions, and the rest will come easily.