If you’re one of the many businesses looking to add new talent to your team right now, we already know you’re busy. Here are two quick, easy tips for getting the word out:

#1: Ask your current employees if they know any potential candidates in their network. Employee referrals often help you recruit faster by skipping the initial job advertising and screening process. Referred candidates are also more likely to be cultural fits, because they already have a bit of the inside scoop on the workplace. Consider offering a referral bonus too – payable after the new employee reaches their six-month anniversary. Referrals are far less expensive in the long run.

#2: Add a “We’re Growing and Hiring” message to everyone’s email signature for outgoing emails. This potentially reaches a lot of people at virtually no cost. Try something like this:

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Of course, there are many other effective ways to find new talent, but these are two low-effort strategies we’ve seen produce results for our growing clients recently. We wish you the best of luck in your recruiting!