In today’s world, almost every business needs a social media presence. (See our social proof blog for more on that.) But how you keep your social profiles up-to-date depends largely on the type of business you do, what your company culture is, and how much time you have.

While fully or partially outsourcing your social media to a marketing agency brings years of expertise and creative skills to your social branding, having someone on the inside can be important too. If you’d like to highlight company events, employee celebrations, spontaneous activities, jobsites or big team meetings, you need someone within the walls of your organization who’s responsible for, at the very least, taking photos.

Here are four options for managing your business’ social media:

100% Outsourcing: This is a good option if your branding is all about what you do. An agency can research articles, look for ties into the industry as a whole and come up with compelling messages about that content. If showcasing your culture won’t appeal to your target market, you can fully pass the responsibility of social media over to an agency.

Outsourcing Augmented by Internal: Choose this option if you want to showcase what you do, but sprinkle in a bit of who you are. The agency can do everything mentioned above, but it takes an insider to keep them updated with photos and goings-on at the company.

Internal Augmented by External: If your main motive for being on social media is to highlight your incredible culture or to feature regular events, much of the responsibility will fall on you or one of your employees. This is also true if your online presence features live streaming or short videos. While content curation will come from you and your employees, an agency is still helpful for design, messaging, creative, and keeping the “what we do” updates on point.

100% Internal: If you have the bandwidth and your branding relies on daily updates and pictures from the inside, taking things 100% in-house may be the way to go, but this option isn’t for the faint of heart. If you feel social media slipping down the priority list, be sure to enlist some outside help (see the option above). An agency can still help craft messages around your updates and help you stay on track with regular posts.

If you’re trying to find the right recipe for your social media management, give R2R Marketing a call. We’ll help you navigate the options.