Whether you’re hiring a contractor, speaking to customer support, or ordering food in a restaurant, it’s nice to deal with confident and happy people. That’s why the employee experience is so critical to the customer experience. How it feels to work at a company is also how it feels to be a customer there.

Here are tips for promoting a positive company culture:

  1. Define your culture with values that matter to your brand. This helps employees pinpoint common traits to model in their daily work.
  2. Engage your employees and set the best example. If you want customers to be respected and valued, employees should be treated the same way.
  3. Communicate with your employees. Employees should be the first to know about new products, updated branding, or any other organizational changes, and they should hear it from management. If they receive the information second-hand, or even worse-from a customer, they’ll likely feel left out of the loop.
  4. Listen to your employees. Just as you listen to customer suggestions and complaints, listen to your team members. Perhaps they’ve thought of a way to work more efficiently or an easy way to improve the work environment.

An organization with values and a strong culture fosters success for employee and business alike. If you’d like help with your internal marketing and communication, give R2R a call.