You’re hiring and you need a careers page added to your website ASAP? We hear that a lot lately. Come in. Take a breath. Let’s talk about it.

As many businesses struggle with the current labor shortage, HR and recruiting departments have it rough. Fortunately, a custom -tailored careers page can make their lives easier… but there are a lot of options to consider:

  • Is it more efficient to link the careers page to an internal portal you already use, like ADP, Indeed or Paycor? If you have these systems in place, this type of programming can make the process seamless for your recruiter, who would only have to update the open positions, job descriptions, etc. in the main portal, rather than maintaining multiple systems.
  • If you want all employment applications to run through the website, a form is the safest way to accept information. What information would you like and where should the information go? We suggest having a dedicated email address for applications.
  • Decide who at your company will be responsible for keeping the careers page up-to-date. If someone else is managing your website, be sure to keep them informed about new and closed opportunities.
  • Where will the Careers page be located on your site? How can you make it easy for visitors to find? How will you direct people to the page (social media, paid ads, etc.)?
  • Be strategic with your messaging. Generic careers page jargon won’t win; it should fit your brand, and identify specific positions. After all, you’re marketing yourself as an employer to candidates. The wording should show you’re growing, not desperate. No one wants to apply where employees are stretched thin, and even fewer customers want to hire a company that’s short-staffed.
  • Of course, we’re including the benefits, but what are the perks? These are powerful tools for attracting new talent. Be sure to include them!
  • Does it look good on mobile? Your potential employee—if they have an office job—probably won’t look for jobs during the day on their company computer. They’ll be on their phone. And if your potential employee doesn’t have a desk job, well, they’ll be on their phone too.

If someone takes the time to find your careers page, they’re interested. That’s why it’s so important to give your careers page the attention it deserves.  It’s where your most interested candidates will choose whether or not to take the next step.

For companies that frequently hire new talent, we suggest having a careers page on your website year-round. Accept general applications even when you don’t have open positions. You never know what skillsets may come in!