This time of year we like to take a few minutes, pause, take a deep breath and reflect on all the things for which we are thankful at R2R Marketing. Of course, the list starts with you – our clients and contacts, who count on us to deliver results and information every week. However, this year we made a definitive list.

1) Each Other: We have something really special at R2R Marketing, and it starts with the respect we have for each other. A client recently referred to us as “Small but Mighty” and we think that’s a good description, but we’re only a mighty team because of the trust and commitment we have for our colleagues.

2) Our Extended Team: If our team is small but mighty, it’s our supporting cast that helps us look like rock stars to our clients. No company experiences success on its own, and we know the value of great contributors. We have a strong team of freelancers who help us deliver excellence, and each one of them is an expert in their niche.

3) Instructors, Coaches and Accountability Partners: R2R continues to evolve thanks to our thirst for learning. And just like any professional team that performs at the top of their craft, we count on professional development, business coaches and accountability partners to challenge us, inspire us and help us stay true to our brand promise.

4) Our Strategic Partners: We are fortunate to have strong relationships with professionals who regularly refer their clients to us. We are grateful for the trust that is extended to us with every referral.

5) Tech Tools: Our client base has always been spread across the country and Canada, but this year remote work is more powerful than ever and the tools we use to communicate have only gotten more robust. From Zoom and Basecamp to Google Workspace and Microsoft Teams, we appreciate how technology lets us do more for our clients, no matter where any of us are located!

We hope you have a few moments this week to reflect on things that make you feel grateful, both personally and professionally.