A customer doesn’t pay their bill and ignores your attempts to contact them. An employee doesn’t show up for an important day of work and has no excusable reason. One of your vendors botches a project that sets you back weeks.

All of these scenarios may cause you to feel anger, and understandably so, but consider how much more time you’ll waste in this negative head space.

Anger is a waste of energy, time and emotion. Remember: You can’t control the situation, but you CAN control how you react. Getting angry at customers, employees and vendors doesn’t solve the problem, nor does it motivate anyone involved. It’s a lose-lose proposition.

Successful entrepreneurs, elite athletes and others at the top of their game don’t get distracted by anger. They recognize the emotion, put it aside and focus on the solution. Anger doesn’t serve success.

While this may be difficult for managers and business owners to remember when tempers flare, think how hard it may be for your employees too. How much time is wasted on anger at your company? How can your team become more proficient in focusing on solutions rather than emotions?