In other words, if you took your company name off of your website, social channels, and any client email correspondence, would your existing customers still be able to recognize you? Do your array of marketing channels carry the same look, feel and speak with the same voice through their messaging? Do they appear mismatched – old logo, new tagline, and outdated information – as though they don’t belong to the same company?

These questions might seem fussy, but it’s important to stop down periodically and take inventory of your online business image if you want to generate long-term growth and customer retention. This kind of image, both visually and verbally, has to be carefully cultivated and maintained. It’s called branding, and it is a vital part of every company’s marketing strategy.

Successful online branding has 3 essential components:

  • A website that is designed by a professional, optimized for all modes of viewing, and user friendly for both the visitor AND the business owner.
  • A social media presence that is both informative and engages the interests of your customer base.
  • Consistent and relevant communication with your audience, whether through an e-blast, e-newsletter or personal e-mail.

Once your company is utilizing all three of these components, the next step is to focus on making them work together seamlessly. Develop an established process for branding your company’s “personality” that integrates the same colors, fonts, logos, and general uniform standards that every employee must follow when communicating via any of the three channels. This set of standards is also known as a style guide.

Developing a brand personality and style guide may feel like a time-consuming process, but it’s one that is necessary. By using one voice consistently, your audience will remember your brand and view you as a credible and trustworthy source for their needs.

If all of this seems overwhelming, give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help you best represent who YOU ARE to your customers. At R2R Marketing, we are here to help you market your business, allowing you peace of mind and assurance that your sales stay on track. Call  757-482-3492 or visit to learn more!