Pssst! We’re going to let you in on our top-secret recipe for social media success: Make a plan.

No, really. You’d be surprised. It’s a bit grueling at first, but if you take the time to plan out the next several weeks of your social media posts, you’ll be prepared and organized. More importantly, your social media will be, too.

  • Take the first step. To get started, map out the next few weeks and decide how often you plan to post. Whether you use Excel, a calendar or note on a legal pad – map it out.
  • Fill in the special dates. Are there any holidays coming up or special company events/webinars? Is a team member celebrating a milestone employment anniversary? Get those things on your list.
  • Lay out recurring themes. Will you feature one team member each week? One case study per month? Map it out. Plan when you’ll post each one. Tip – alliteration is great for these – there’s a reason they call it Taco Tuesday.
  • Draft the posts, hashtags, mentions, and images. Once you have the topics and themes identified you can start drafting content and gathering images. Start with the earliest posts first and do your best to get as far down the list as you can.
  • Ask for help early. For the posts you can’t get to, be sure to take a look and figure out what information, if any, you need from others and reach out to them now so they have plenty of time to help.
  • Remain flexible. As you make posts throughout the month, things will likely change and that’s okay. Move posts around in your schedule as needed and be open to new topics and content.

We hope this top-secret recipe helps you create a plan that saves you time and keeps you and your company looking good. If you’d like help with your social media plan, give R2R a call. We love this stuff.