The holiday season is in full force! It’s time to fully embrace the peace and goodwill of the season so that this truly can be “the most wonderful time of the year.”

Here are a four ways that are sure to spread goodwill, good cheer, and good feelings for you AND your customers:

  • Send a Handwritten Note – A personal note to your customers and vendors will warm their hearts and let them know how much their loyalty means to you. Take the traditional route and mail your cards the old fashioned way. It may be time consuming but it is the most effective AND will get you noticed.
  • Spread Cheer With Social Media – Invite your employees and your friends to share personal stories of thankfulness for the past year. Every one loves good news, and the holidays are a great time to use social media to connect with your customers.
  • Give Back With Heart – Holidays are all about “giving.” Gather your team and volunteer for a worthy cause in your community. Share your team experience through your social media and local media outlets.
  • Increase Your Visibility – Your customer is still in need of your services, especially with the stress during the holidays. Communicate with your customers and increase your marketing channels to let them know you are open for business.

Remember the smallest gesture of goodwill can make a huge difference all year long.