When responding to leads, you may have heard the phrase “speed to lead.” Research shows that potential customers expect a reply within 60 minutes of their inquiry. Since you’re likely not the only business they’re contacting, replying quickly and accurately keeps leads engaged. Here are strategies to get the most potential from your lead sources:

Assign a team member to monitor and respond to leads
In most cases, this is the best strategy for a personalized experience that moves the lead farther in the sales process. The person you assign should be responsible for quickly responding to inquiries and providing potential clients with the information they need to make a decision about your services.

If your business is more complex, consider assigning a team member from each department and setting up a system to route leads to the appropriate person based on the type of service requested.

Set clear guidelines and metrics, and provide training for how leads should be handled. This should include things like how quickly they should respond, what information is provided in the initial response, and how to escalate complex or urgent inquiries to the appropriate person.

Set up a chatbot
Another option for quickly responding to leads from your website is to set up an automated chatbot. Chatbots are automated apps that communicate with website visitors in real-time, providing them with information or assistance. Chatbots are usually set up to answer frequently asked questions, but more complex solutions can also provide pricing information or schedule appointments. Chatbots are best to use when your team is unavailable, such as outside of normal business hours.

Use an automated response system
At the very least, let the lead know you received their message. An automated response system can help. When someone sends an email or completes a form on your website, an automated response system will send an email thanking them for their interest and providing some basic information about your business. Here, you can also include a link to schedule an appointment or let them know who will be in touch, and when.

By using one or more of these strategies, you’ll quickly move leads farther in your sales cycle. As an added bonus, you’ll help potential customers feel seen and appreciated – a great way to start the relationship.