In life, sometimes it is helpful to step away from a situation and look at it with a fresh set of eyes. In sales, this is something that is a must-do after every sales call. Step back and take a good look at these five common selling misjudgments that might be the reason YOU are hearing “no” more than “yes.”

1. Answering Objections Before the Customer Speaks

From day one in sales training, we are taught to anticipate objections and to be prepared to answer them. Many times we anticipate the objection and speak to it before the customer brings it up. A good sign that you are guilty of this is if you find yourself starting a sentence with “You may be wondering…” or “Perhaps you are asking yourself…” These questions will create an issue that instantly sets a defensive tone and devalues the product or service that is being offered.

2. TMI – Too Much Information

Most customers only care about the results of your product and how they will benefit from it. Rather than boring them with the details of features, focus on the reasons why your product is better and how it will deliver results!

3. “I Have So Much To Tell You”

Yes, you are excited about your product. Yes, you want to tell everyone all of the details with a motivating sales pitch. Unfortunately, your customer may find this very irritating. A successful salesperson will listen, consider, and react to what the customer does and says before talking.

4. Failure to Follow Through

Building a customer relationship is a gradual process. The quickest way to lose their trust is to fail to keep a promise. One thing that is important to remember —make only commitments that you’re 100% certain you can keep.

5. The “Closed Deal” Means My Work is Done

This couldn’t be further from the truth. This is only the beginning. Now that you have successfully built a relationship of trust with the customer, you will need to continue the communication. When done sincerely, this one deal can grow into follow-up business and referral sales.

The opportunity for a sale is there for you to close. It’s time to set the appointment and make it happen!