I heard some advice a while back that a good way to practice gratefulness is to take a moment each night to identify (1) your favorite moment of the day and (2) your favorite feeling from the day. This process helps you remember positives, and also helps you stay more present throughout the day, encouraging you to pause and reflect during moments both big and small – thinking, “Maybe this is my favorite moment/feeling…”

Right before she falls asleep, I always ask my four-year-old these two questions and share my answers too.

Last night, her favorite moment was when we went to the drugstore and she played with their snow shovels, and her favorite feeling was when she ran around the house with a blanket cape during a movie, belting shrill screams all the way.

Those were some of my least favorite parts of the day, but it was a good reminder of how special those moments can be for her. I wish I had given her more attention when she was pretending the mini snow shovels were her arms. And next time I’ll pause the movie and wear my own blanket cape.

Imagine if you practiced this with your customers. What was their favorite moment of the project? When did they have the best feeling? Chances are good that their favorites aren’t the same as yours. But knowing what created the most positive impacts will let you look for ways to create more good experiences with the next customer. And the one after that, and so on. Asking for this specific feedback can also feed reviews and referrals.

Remember to lean into the moments of each day – don’t back away because they’re unfun for you. Ask yourself — How can I make them even better for my customers, my employees, and me?