A person’s character and their garden both reflect the amount of weeding that was done during the growing season. – Anonymous

Most of us work and live in a cycle that is dictated by the seasons of life and nature. When we come to a place of change in our life, it is easy to get lost in the excitement, fear or dread of the next season – and we forget to fully engage and enjoy where we are today!

What many people seem to forget is that how we finish one thing in life directly impacts the way we enter into a new opportunity! Here are some pointers on how to finish each season well, leading to a profitable and fulfilling result in all that lies before you:

Don’t Devalue the Season You’re In – Every season has a purpose. If you are fortunate to be busy year ’round, that’s great! If your business operates in cycles, learn to get the most out of every season – busy or slow.

In your busy season, make sure that you are providing excellent care and services to your customer. During the slower times, circle back and extend your appreciation for their support and ask for referrals, reviews, and feedback.

A slow season is a great time to regroup with our employees and spend time in training and education in preparation for the season ahead. There are always learning opportunities that lead to constant improvement.

Don’t Drop The Ball – Thinking and wishing for the more enjoyable season is no excuse for forgetting your current responsibilities. Only you can decide what kind of legacy you want to leave with your employees, your customers, and yourself. Stay focused on the here and now, even as you plan for tomorrow.

Don’t Burn Your Bridges –Remember that just because your customer might not need your product or services in the future, they still may play a part in your future with a referral, a review or as a great business contact. Always consider your customers as a partner in the success of your business.

So whatever season you’re in, make a commitment to finish that season strong and that way you can look forward to the successful seasons down the road!