Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are powerful marketing platforms that allow a more personal interaction between businesses and their followers, generating brand loyalty and awareness more quickly than traditional channels. Your target market uses social media every single day. If you want to stay top of mind, it’s critically important to not only be active with the social media channels that make sense for your company, but also to have a solid strategy for building those channels.

R2R Marketing will create and manage your social media accounts with strategic and informative posts for your company on sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Houzz, Pinterest, and more. No two companies are the same, so we’ll build a strategy that places your company on the social networks that make sense, and follow up with regular postings and interaction to grow your numbers and your customer loyalty.

The benefit of having the R2R team specialist managing the social media channels for your business is to:

Establish Credibility.

Nowadays, customers are looking at companies’ Facebook pages in the searching process. An inactive, uninformative Facebook page, or even worse, no presence at all, can be a huge turnoff.

Build Relationships.

Social Media Marketing is all about showing the more personal, outgoing side of your company to the world, allowing you to connect with existing customers and engage new ones.

Listen to Feedback.

People love to share their opinions, especially on social networks where all it takes is the click of a button. This provides a valuable gateway for feedback that you can use in your marketing and business efforts.

Enhance Customer Relations.

People are more likely to trust in a company that regularly engages their followers, makes meaningful and fun posts, and seeks to educate them.

Generate Awareness.

Having a well-rounded Social Media presence not only helps with your search engine optimization efforts, but also allows you to share your messages, offers, and news to potentially thousands of people instantly.

Protect Your Reputation.

Receiving feedback and engagement from your followers, either good or bad, gives you the opportunity to show off your company’s strengths.

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