You’ll Feel Like Our Only Client

With more than 90 collective years experience working with clients, we know a few truths about how we deliver the best possible service and results. Our team regularly analyzes client successes, and the occasional failure, and several themes consistently emerge. Because we develop such strong relationships with (one of our team members says we get “emotionally invested” in client success), we have a few guidelines that help determine fit.

To be a great fit, we must:

  • Believe we can generate results for your business that are consistent with your expectations.
    • Good fit: strengthening relationships with existing customers and increasing new customer counts.
    • Bad fit: new product launches that require specialized industry knowledge.
  • Be a fit with your culture and how you and your teams work.
    • Good fit: Proactive, strategic planning and implementation, and regular status measures and updates.
    • Bad fit: Reactionary with lots of last-minute changes involving constantly moving targets and deadlines.
  • Enjoy the people we work with and the work we do for the client.
    • Good fit: People who value our time and expertise.
    • Bad fit: a client who is frequently late on payments and/or wants a magic bullet.

What We Do

We focus on messaging and stories, creating user experiences that move people to take action. This content (not just words) can be long form – entire websites; medium format – blogs and NL articles; or short form – print and digital ads, and social media posts. While we build websites, create ad campaigns and develop and implement marketing strategies, at the core, we are content writers that tell the story of our clients’ brand and promise to their customers.

Our marketing services typically fall into three scenarios:

Email Newsletters and Blasts

Our email marketing is opt-in only, designed for you to have a regular, recurring touchpoint with your customers, leads and prospects. Basically anyone who has already interacted with your brand. The premise is simple – develop and maintain top-of-mind brand awareness with your ideal customer, and provide value-added content that strengthens the relationship. Strong relationships lead to repeat customers and customer referrals – the lowest acquisition cost, highest ROI customer there is.

Our newsletter services start at $175 per month and go up based on the number of articles we provide. No annual contract is required. This is a very hands-off service for most of our clients – they trust us to make it happen, and simply approve the draft before it is sent.

Strategic Marketing

Our strategic marketing services are a collection of tried-and-true efforts we’ve seen generate results for our clients across the country. This “bundle” of services usually consists of a combination of email marketing, website content and SEO, social media management and digital advertising. The exact mix is custom, based on your business, the marketing goals (leads, brand awareness, retention, etc.) and current position in the market and search results.

Strategic marketing services from R2R start at $1,100 per month and include monthly reporting and strategy sessions so we can best represent your business. This is a collaborative effort and we work as a partner to your company to get you the best possible results.


One-Stop Marketing Department

Our most exclusive marketing program is a true partnership – we are your full service, one-stop marketing department. This is a fully strategic and consultative approach, where we are more integrated with overall business operations. For example, we may set up detailed conversion tracking that follows leads through appointments and sales, and the help manage the channels and tools, and work with your sales and operations teams to turn data into knowledge.

We bring our vast expertise to bear on business challenges, whether it’s internal processes, radio advertising, billboard design or simply being the team that makes marketing and advertising happen. At a minimum we’re managing your website, SEO, PPC advertising, social media, reviews, direct mail, email marketing, print and broadcast advertising and printed collateral materials. Prices start at $4,000 per month and availability is limited.