Pay Per Click Management & Consulting

A good PPC campaign finds the happy medium between art and science (or heart and head, if you will). Compelling ads that fit your brand messaging combine with targeted strategies to ensure that  ads are served to customers who need your product.

Pay per click campaigns don’t work with a “set it and forget it” mentality. They must be continually and methodically tested, adjusted and optimized in order to get the best results over competitors.

Whether it’s a complex search campaign that targets many product categories, a simple display image ad campaign that encourages brand awareness, or a remarketing campaign that advertises only to visitors who didn’t take action, R2R Marketing can help.

We make it easy for you to win the internet by designing effective campaign strategiescampaign management, and PPC account audits and consulting.

Feel confident that the money you dedicate to online advertising is a worthy investment. By combining the art of advertising, the science of AdWords, rigorous testing and stellar customer service, we make sure you have that confidence.

R2R Marketing’s PPC services include:

Account Creation & Management

Interested in going to the next level with your online advertising but unsure of where to start? Have you had a bad experience with paid advertising in the past but want to give it another try? That’s where R2R comes in. We will talk through your business objectives, budget, and most importantly what makes YOUR company different from the competitor. Once we develop a smart strategy, the team will get to work on account management. We work on:

  • Google AdWords Search, Display, Trueview (Youtube) and Remarketing campaigns. We write and design the ads, optimize the account based on your budget, and monitor/make changes weekly as the online market adjusts. As a certified Google Partner, we stay in touch with Google and get personalized attention for our client accounts.
  • Facebook and LinkedIn Campaigns. Paid ads on social media work to reach both people who already follow you and those who fit the profile of your potential customer. Paid social media advertising allows us to target users who fall within a specific age range, interest base or even career category. This way, you get the most out of every ad dollar.
  • Landing Page Creation and Optimization. After writing or designing the perfect compelling ad to drive users to your website, we focus on making beautiful landing pages that create a great user experience and cause people to get in touch with you. From there, we analyze the data and find ways to continually improve the success of the page.
  • Rigorous Conversion and Call Tracking. Time and time again potential clients come to us concerned about whether or not their PPC campaign is actually getting quality results. In other words, “I’m getting a lot of clicks, but do they mean anything?” At R2R, we make it a priority to stay accountable for your ad spend. One way we do this is by tracking every paid call to your business. You even have the option of recording the calls, which can help with lead quality assessment and customer service training. If the user visits your website from a paid ad or organic search and makes a call, you’ll be in the know. The same goes for contact form submissions. The name of the game is results and full transparency.

Account Audits and PPC Consulting

Sometimes it helps to get an outside perspective. This is especially true with paid advertising.If you aren’t getting ideal results, let us take a look. If you are currently managing your paid ads internally, our PPC team will comb through every detail of the account, offer comprehensive written recommendations and meet with you in person or over the phone to train you in implementing those recommendations. Is a third party handling your PPC? We’re happy to examine the account and give you a second opinion and recommendations.

Call R2R at (757) 482-3492 today or contact us online to learn more about our paid advertising and search engine marketing services. We’re ready to help you succeed on the Internet!