Even though most businesses understand the importance of having a website, this doesn’t mean that they understand the power of their website and the vital role it plays in attracting the interested customer. Listed below are some of the most common website mistakes that you may be making, and ways that these can be fixed!

POOR NAVIGATION — Customers today must be able to navigate through the pages seamlessly, without having to think too hard. If you think of your website as an actual store – your navigation is your “signage” – and your customer depends on it once they enter. on a website it is as important as traditional signage in a showroom or on the storefront. Today’s customer is savvy to website navigation and online searches. This means that if they can’t find the information that they are looking for in a short time, they will move on to another option – your competitor.

NO CALL TO ACTION — You can have a beautiful website and great content, but if your customer isn’t told what to do next, you may lose them. A “Call To Action” is the motivator to get your customer to react and take action. There are many ways to engage potential clients—but it is your job to guide them in a very clear and concise way to give them the opportunity to do so! Here are some examples that are effective and familiar to every customer:

  • Click Here” to Learn More
  • Sign Up” for a Mailing List or Special Offers
  • Follow Us or Connect With Us” on Social Media Channels
  • Contact Us” is the most popular and the most effective when linked to a page that includes all options for customer contact – phone, email, chat and locations.

TOO MUCH INFORMATION — It’s important to maintain an equal balance of information on your site. To be effective, the content on a website should include minimal details that interest and educate the needs of your target customer. This approach creates a need to know more and with a call to action, they will contact you!

The key to a successful website is a combination of good content, easy navigation, clear calls to action, and offering ways to stay connected and contact you. Keep these tips in mind as you look at new ways to gain new customers!