Five Simple Ways To Impress Your Customers

By October 29, 2019Blog

If you are in business – no matter the industry – keeping your customers happy should be your end goal AND in the forefront of your mind daily. It’s a fact that a customer is more likely to share the news of poor customer service with their friends and family versus the happy customer. However, if you continually go above and beyond with your customers – the” WOW” factor can take hold – giving them reasons to tell everyone how impressed they were with the customer experience.

Here are five simple ways to motivate your customers to talk about you after the sale:

Pick Up The Phone.

While everyone seems to email nowadays, one way to show clients you really care about their business is to give them a live call! While it may seem like an easy thing to do, many businesses have forgotten the value of building relationships through personal contact. Think about how much quicker you can talk to someone, learn more about their needs, give an estimate, and schedule a meeting over the phone versus email. Person to person live contact is underestimated and is a great way to let customers that you care about doing good business.

Follow Through!

If someone emails you, respond! If they reply, this is the perfect opportunity for you to offer assistance with any other need they may have. If a customer does not reach out to you, be proactive and follow up with a sincere message to let them know that you are simply checking in to see how they’re doing. Follow through and closing the loop on details shows that you are sincere, organized, and willing to go the extra mile to build an ongoing relationship with the customer.

UNDER-Promise. OVER-Deliver.

If you promise a customer that their project will be completed in one month, try your very hardest to get the job done in three weeks! If your estimate for the job is $5,000, aim to get the cost down and completed for a little less. These “winning” moments with your customer will resonate not only with your customer to business owner relationship but also in the way that customer talks to others about your services and integrity.

Don’t Worry, Be HAPPY.

Is there anything more unappealing than a less-than-enthusiastic greeting from the employee in a checkout line? The impact of a smile, a warm greeting from an employee to a customer is priceless. Be happy when you answer the phone, give estimates, talk to your clients, and close a sale – not only will your customers will have a better experience, but you will, too!

Be Available.

Double check that your company contact information is easy to see and available in multiple places on all marketing resources. When a customer contacts you, make sure that you are available. If you can’t talk to them at that very moment, make it a priority to get back to them before close of business the SAME day.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in or what your role is in the company. These simple tips can be applied whenever you are dealing with people – customers, co-workers and even family! When you put these things into motion, you’ll be amazed at how positively people will respond.