On-the-go search is a part of every day life as people carry their mobile devices everywhere they go — and have their head buried in it most of the time. Search on mobile devices is quickly surpassing the desktop viewer! This is an important fact to know for any industry and especially for business owners who have a marketing strategy in place to reach their ideal audience.

Most business owners want their brand and business to be ranked number one – at the top of the page in search rankings on the internet. Although this is a very respectable goal, it is also a process that needs to be better understood – both from the financial impact on your marketing dollars and the quality of the leads that are gained from this ranking.

The great news is that while you may or may not be in the number one position, with a well-executed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing strategy you can attract YOUR target customer. An SEO strategy is a process, constantly developing and changing with your specific industry and the customers’ needs. Patience and a realistic approach to managing this component and the additional key resources in your marketing plan will result in a positive outcome. Here are three tips that will help your business gain visibility to your customers.

Build Your Website For Your Customer.  
Do you know what your customer is looking for? Your customer is smart and specific when it comes to searching the web. This informed behavior has little tolerance for “brochure-like” content, technical jargon, and industry key words that make no sense. In fact, this type of content will drive them off your site immediately. Listen to your customer. What words do they use when asking for your help? You may find that these are words you would never use when describing your business, but you are not the one searching.
Educate, Inform, and Share.
If you are feeling invisible, it’s time to look closely at what is communicated in your content. Does it resonate and add value to YOUR customer? Rather than selling on every page, make sure that you give something to take away – links to articles, downloads with fact sheets, images to view and share with a friend. A monthly blog that is relevant to what you do, is a very smart way to keep your content fresh and share your expertise with your customer. The options are numerous, and you gain a loyal visitor when they realize how much you have to offer.
Did You Know that 90% of customers who are searching for a product or a service haven’t made up their mind about a brand before starting the search?  (Source: 2018 Marketing Statistics – Hubspot)
SEO – Keep It Simple.
Is your customer working too hard to find you? Today’s customer is accustomed to a quick return on exactly what they are searching for every time. The bottom line is this, search engine success is achieved when a website or directory contact information provides a clear and concise solution to a customer’s search question. Make sure that your site is easy to navigate, includes the necessary company contact information, and is consistently updated with relevant content to keep your customer engaged and satisfied.

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