What You Should Communicate When Re-Opening Your Business

Parts of the country are relaxing strict closure and stay-at-home measures and for many, it’s good news.

Consumers want to revisit their favorite restaurants, resume routine health services and move forward with planned in-home remodeling projects. They also want to stay safe. So much so, they’ll now decide what businesses to patronize according to perceived safety.

You can take the most rigorous precautions, but the only way consumers know is if you tell them. That means it’s just as important to effectively communicate your re-opening strategy as it is to have one.

Here’s what your strategy should include:

1.Service adjustments: Businesses are adding online ordering, changing operating hours, rearranging their stores and everything in between. Explain the adjustments you’re making to protect workers and customers, explicitly. If you added a glass partition to checkout counters, for example, take a picture and post it on your social media account.

2. Compliance and safety measures: What’s expected from visitors and clients during business interactions? Make your policy for masks, social distancing and in-store movements well known and easy to understand. If you’re required to comply with state or federal regulations, inform patrons that you’re doing so.

3.Update online profiles and directory listings: Manually make service changes to all of your registered platforms (not just a post). There’s nothing worse than your Facebook account saying something different than your website saying something different than your Google Business profile. Consistency saves you time answering basic or repetitive questions, or having upset customers due to conflicting information.

Don’t know what a directory listing is? You might need R2R.  


4. Where to go for the most up-to-date information: If you know things will change too quickly to update all of your online profiles or directory listings, plan accordingly. Use every post to point your customers to your best source of current company information.

5. Deals or Promos to Drive Business Back: Everyone could use a break right now, so give your customers one! Offering a value-added bundle with your services will get attention.

The businesses that thrive in the coming months are adapting to consumers’ evolving needs, AND making those adjustments known. Your customers and leads are searching online for your products, services and what you’re doing. You just have to tell them.