Are you delighting your customers? Unfortunately, in too many sales and marketing systems, it doesn’t happen often. As long as you close the sale and provide the service, that’s all that matters – right? Not exactly.

Delight is more than satisfying customers with a great product or service. While that is important, delighting them is about creating remarkable experiences that focus on “ensuring customers are happy, satisfied and supported long after they make a purchase,” says Hubspot

When delighted, customers become your unofficial ambassadors, not only staying loyal but also recommending your product or brand to their peers. This type of word-of-mouth endorsement is widely sought, but challenging to gain. 

Here are three ways to use your marketing platforms to stand out and help delight customers:

  • Offer High-Quality, Educational Content 

Content is the heart and soul of your online presence. It sets the tone and personality for your company and brand. So, use it to your advantage. Set your brand apart by publishing high-quality and educational content that adds value to your customer’s lives. 

Educational content is helpful, not promotional. So, rather than continually pushing a product (creating distrust from customers), you’re delighting them with information in which they are interested. Whether it’s through blog posts or a thoughtful email marketing campaign, useful content keeps clients coming back for more.

  • Use Social Media to Engage 

We all enjoy interacting with the businesses we regularly patronize. Even more so, when the business has an original and engaging voice on social media.  

Delight your customers by enhancing their social media experience! Publish fresh and interesting content on a regular basis to keep audiences coming back, subscribing to notifications and sharing whatever delights them with their peers. It’s just one way you can turn customers into fans, and let them feel more connected with your business.

  • Surprise Your Customers 

Surprises are a powerful marketing tool. The delightful tactic of giving unanticipated perks helps renew your customer’s interest, gain loyalty and boost sales. 

From offering special product deals, upgrades or reward programs, to individualized support, use your organization’s unique differences to set yourself apart from the competition. 

Potential ways to deliver surprises to your customers include: 

  • Do you have exclusive inventory items? Give your customers access to “VIP” exclusive products. Or access to a special sale or sale previews.
  • Do you have employees with extra bandwidth? Assign account managers to proactively call priority customers – not to sell, just to check-in — so they receive hyper-personalized service.
  • Share your expertise! Schedule in-person or virtual events for current or potential clients as a way to showcase your expertise and delight prospects, before they even use your services.  

As part R2R Marketing’s core values, we strive to delight our clients, in part by helping them delight theirs. Are you doing more than just selling? You should be! Working with the right agency does more than increase leads, it means building stronger and longer-lasting relationships with happy customers.