Turning a passion, skill or expertise into a business is no small feat. Entrepreneurs are in a league of their own and there’s no question what they’re capable of. That said, many business owners believe they can “do it all.” While we don’t doubt that you can do it all, the question is – can you do it well?

“Advertising isn’t easy, we just make it look easy.”

Advertising is more accessible than ever. There’s often no need to buy high-priced radio spots or get creative on a billboard. It’s possible to promote your business entirely online and still get the traffic, leads and conversions you’re looking for. For that reason, many businesses take marketing, specifically paid advertising into their own hands. Unfortunately, they quickly realize that contrary to what platforms like Facebook and Google let on, it’s far from simple.

Did you know professional Google Advertising professionals actually have to pass classes and exams for certification?

When it comes to paid advertising, you have two options – spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars learning how to use these platforms yourself or find an experienced, trusted advertising professional. Each is a major investment but only one yields the best results. So, as a business owner it’s important to stick to what you do best – making informed decisions. Ask yourself, what’s the highest and best use of your time? Chances are, it’s not learning and running a marketing or advertising campaign.

At R2R, we help our clients and partners make smart decisions. Our process is simple: make the best decisions possible for your bottom line and your brand.

Using a professional for paid advertising means:

  • Cost Efficiency – Don’t pay to learn, pay for leads. Working with an agency or professional means you’re not spending money for them to learn, you’re spending money on convertible leads. That means no wasted hours or advertising dollars.
  • Better Results –  Acquiring a customer (or lead) must be profitable! If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to spend five times more per lead than what it’s worth. Few business owners have the niche skills or time needed to interpret tracking data and make the necessary and frequent adjustments.
  • Creativity – Do you have a background creating original, eye-catching and well-planned campaigns? It requires time and experience. An agency typically consists of multiple creatives with years of knowledge who brainstorm, analyze and rank ideas. Their singular focus is creating the most well-executed campaign possible.
  • Support – Agencies offer support and guidance. Even with a certification, it’s difficult navigating the world that is marketing tactics and best practices. R2R often acts as a sounding board for our clients’ ideas, guiding their decisions and addressing concerns.

Paid advertising platforms benefit from presenting themselves as easy and inviting, with tools to “take a stab at.” They reap the hefty rewards from users’ lack of knowledge. Not only will the inexperienced waste money, but their time as well. We recommend not falling for it.