It’s Time To Review Your Email Signature

By January 8, 2019Blog, Weekly Thought
An email signature is often overlooked, underused, and ineffective. We have all experienced the frustration of a receiving an email message with limited to no information for an easy reply.
Most of us email people every single day anyway, and it’s time to put this signature to work! If it has been a while since you looked at your email signature, this is the perfect time to review.
Here are the key items that should be in place to get the best results from an email communication:
  • Your Full Name – Your first and last name must be included and you can also include titles if appropriate. A scanned image of your full signature may look good but isn’t something that we recommend. It does not appear on some mail services and can create a security risk if used by a third party.
  • Your Phone Number with Area Code – Make a return “voice to voice” response easy. Limit your phone numbers to a mobile and business line. If you do business outside of the United States, be sure to include the international area code.
  • Your Email and Business Address – You should always include your email address, as well as include your business mailing address
  • Your Website Address – You web address is important for those receiving an email from you that might need more information. To be effective make sure that this address is a live link  to your website.
  • Your Social Media Channels – If you are in a specific industry that has social media channels that apply to what you do, it is wise to link to those social channels that showcase your expertise. Use this link wisely.
  • Your Logo – A company logo can be a great thing for an email communication. You must make sure that the image used is the correct file format and size to load quickly and be aware that some browsers may not be able to display the image.

The most important thing to remember is that the elements included in your email signature should be helpful to the receiver rather than distract from the message.

Consider your email signature a free marketing tool. At R2R Marketing we are experts on services that get you results. Call us today and learn more about how we can help you!