Key Strategies To Keeping Your Customers For Life

Customer retention is the bedrock of every business and is vital to the predictability and stability of your overall income. As you may already know, retaining customers is much easier and less expensive than acquiring new ones. So how do you transition your customer from a short-term to a life-long basis? Here are a few key strategies:

Give them a solution — not a sales pitch.
Figure out how to help them find the answers that work best for their needs – not yours. Be a solutions generator. Let them know that you are always equipped with the latest research and ready to guide them to an answer.
Allow your customer to shine!
When you are with your customer, be sure to talk about what matters to them ( in their world). Steer away from talking business for a minute and focus on them by asking questions about their job, their family, their latest vacation or a hobby they enjoy. This sincere and selfless touch is rare and will not only show them that you listen, but adds respect and appreciation for your character and builds trust in your services. This is a proven way to build a customer relationship for a life time.
Be invaluable to their final decision.
To do this, you must bring more to the table than just your service expertise (which is expected in your customers’ minds). Create an environment and a relationship where your customer can rely on your honesty AND expertise in all areas of need related to what brought you together.
Treat your loyal customers like royalty.
Do you ever wonder why companies who offer freebies, extra perks and discounts to new customer will overlook the same type of special offers for their loyal customer? Be sure to treat those customers who have been with you for a long time as your #1 priority in all areas of service as well cultivating an ongoing relationship. Be loyal to them and in turn, they will do the same for you.
No news is not always good news.
Not hearing anything from a customer is never a valid reason to simply set them aside and forget about them. Never assume that a past customer doesn’t need your services once the initial job is complete. The truth is that even if they don’t need you, they probably know someone who does! With today’s technology there are so many easy ways to “touch” these customers with something as simple as a monthly newsletter or a personal email or phone call to say “hello and how’re you doing?”

If you follow these five simple strategies, you will keep your customers happy and loyal for years to come!